Managing your Workload at University

Posted on October 23, 2019

When starting University, it is tempting to think only about living away from home and the social life, but University is about learning and studying. There will be multiple modules to study at the same time and this can lead to competing deadlines. As you commence your studies with this in mind, there are helpful ways to manage the workload.

Prepare & Organise

Starting with an organised mindset will make it easier to continue as such, even when the work starts to pile up. Ensure you start the year by purchasing a diary or planner and record all important dates as they become available. This should include all assignment deadlines and exams. Keeping a record in this way will mean work can be planned to prevent last minute panic.

When assignments are set then get started and submit as early as possible. Avoiding the stressful rush to a deadline will improve your overall experience at university.

As part of the avoidance of last-minute deadline stress, try finding the elements of your course that genuinely interest you. If a lecturer mentions something interesting, then research it further immediately. Writing down the things you learn may lead you to further areas of interest and potential material for future assignments. This method could even mean you end up enjoying the process of writing essays!

Focus but also Relax

It is really important to prioritise the work you need to do and focus on the most important, even if it is the least interesting. This means work will be completed in a logical, efficient manner.

The ability to focus and concentrate can be improved by setting up a specific study area. Properties from companies such as Nest will normally include a study area and it is easy to add some touches to help it work for you. Equally important is a separate space to chill – add cushions, blankets and anything else to keep you comfortable and relaxed.