Preparing for Exams

Posted on November 22, 2018

Exam time can be one of the most stressful elements of a students life so it is vital to prepare properly. There are some simple steps to take to ease the revision and exam process.


Time management is key when preparing for exams. Start as early as possible and try not to leave everything until the last minute. A timetable can really help with this, allowing your study time to be focused appropriately with the timing of the exams and ensuring each subject is allotted sufficient revision.

Try and obtain previous papers which are often freely available from tutors or online. Completing these helps you to become accustomed to the format and prepares you to allot appropriate time to each question. Doing this under simulated exam conditions will help you prepare for the stress levels that may be experienced during the actual test.

It may seem that isolation will be the best way to revise but it is worth considering ways to work with others. A study group with friends from the same course can be very constructive as everyone will have different areas of understanding and if focus can be maintained it can be a very effective way to revise.

Alternatively, it can be useful to enlist the help of friends or family who know nothing of the subject and task yourself with explaining an answer to them. The act of describing something to someone who is not an expert will help to cement the information in your memory.


It is absolutely essential to be kind to yourself. Ensure your study space is organised and comfortable. Student accommodation such as en suite rooms or studio apartments can be arranged to make study as comfortable as possible and some residences even have specialised communal study areas for tenants. Ensure you take regular breaks during study time to allow the information to be retained and have regular meals and drinks to maintain your health and energy levels.