Private Accommodation vs Student Halls

Posted on February 19, 2018

There are many factors to consider when deciding what type of accommodation will work best for you. Student halls and private student accommodation offer very different kind of homes.


Private accommodation provides far more flexibility in terms of living arrangements. Fundamentally, you can choose who you wish to live with. A communal lounge area will, of course, provide the background for socialising with your housemates, making your home seem more ‘homely’ – like the kind of family home that you will have been living in up until now. Halls of Residence, on the other hand, provides you with one room. There is often a communal room, but this is by no means a lounge where you can host intimate dinner parties! Whilst you don’t get to choose your neighbours here, you will meet lots of new people.

If you’re a keen interior decorator and like to choose the colour scheme of your bedroom, you might want to investigate the private sector more, as some landlords will be happy for you to decorate your room, although they might request that it is returned to its former colour before you end your tenancy.

Opting for private accommodation does demand more responsibility from you, however. You will need to manage the bills, which will require that you learn to budget – an essential prerequisite for student survival. You will need to shop for yourself and cook your own food. Halls of residence vary in their catering options, with some being self-catering and some being catered, which, of course, means you cannot be late for breakfast!


Another very important factor when choosing your living arrangement is location, location, location. Halls of residence are usually on the university campus. You won’t have to travel to reach a lecture, and there is entertainment on site, but many campus sites are often out of the town centre, which might leave you feeling somewhat cut-off from the world beyond university. Happy house hunting!