Tips for Preparing to Start University

Posted on September 19, 2018

Preparing to start university is a daunting but exciting prospect in a young adult’s life. From equipment through to accommodation, there are many options to consider in order to obtain the best success from this academic period. Life at university can be stressful at times, with tight deadlines for assignments and examinations, but it is also an enjoyable social experience where life-long friendships are developed, due to living alongside other like-minded individuals. The shared experiences, either in lectures or socially, will help to create a strong base for future life endeavours.

Your Residential Life Whilst Learning

Whether choosing to live on campus or opting to privately rent in shared accommodation, there is a wealth of options to consider. Finding a perfect pad to retreat to will need to be balanced with finance and travel times. Living on campus ensures that you are within easy reach of lecture rooms and, of course, the student union bar! However, living on campus would incur higher living costs. Living in private accommodation will incur longer traveling times, but the cost of renting shared housing is invariably less expensive.

Dwellings with a Student Focus

There is accommodation available which is geared specifically towards students, providing on-site facilities for socialising with fellow students. There is a strong sense of community within these properties. They are generally located close to campus and give quick access to the university, whilst as a bonus, the rent includes utility bills and broadband connectivity.

As these can be considered the most important years of a young adult’s life, it is important to gain a good balance of cost, amenities and location, to provide a relaxed environment to be able to study and achieve the goals one has in mind. After all, this is the time to garner the skills and attributes to gain a strong footing on the ladder of success.