Top Revision Tips

Posted on January 22, 2019

As university exam season looms it is time to tackle that daunting task of revising. To help get you started here are some helpful tips.

Start off by creating a revision timetable. List all of the topics that need to be covered and then prioritise them, your weaker topics being a priority. A simple way of prioritising them is to use a red and green highlighter. Now draw up your timetable; identify the times of the day that you are available first and then start slotting in your topics. Don’t forget to give your weaker topics more time.

Now you need to remember to take regular breaks. People often forget to do this, but you have to give yourself time to absorb your revision. Think about giving yourself 5-minute breaks every 50 – 60 minutes. Give yourself a long enough lunch break, just as you would if you were in work. You also need to reward yourself during the breaks; you have been working hard so you deserve it. This could be something simple such as a quick walk, reading a magazine or having a healthy snack.

Create colourful and eye-catching revision notes and cards; use coloured pens, doodle on your notes, create spider diagrams, make acrostic poems out of key words. Nobody wants boring revision notes and you never know, you might remember more because of all of the colours and doodles.

Most students choose to revise in their home. Find a quiet space to revise in. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have background noise, such as using your headphones and quiet music; it is more about needing a space that is free from distractions. Nest understand this with the result that it is one of the key attributes in the design of the student apartments and en-suite rooms that we offer.