Top Survival Tips for Graduation

Posted on July 18, 2019

After all your hard work, essays, coursework, presentations and examinations, Graduation Day is upon us. The day you get awarded those letters after your name is a special day, for you and for your family. Even for your lecturers! But no matter how special, the day itself is long and has its formalities. Here we have some top tips for surviving your Graduation Day.

Dress Correctly

Ensure that whatever you wear has a button at the collar. Most graduation gowns have a loop closure at the top that requires a button. The gowns are heavy too, so relying on a pin to hold it around your shoulders won’t be enough.

Think about your shoes. No one wants to trip and fall as they cross the stage to collect their degree certificate. Keep heels to a minimum and if your shoes are new, wear them in so you don’t get blisters after half an hour.

Preparation on the Day

Make sure that you eat a good hearty breakfast. If your ceremony is in the morning, it will be a long time until you can escape for lunch. And if it is in the afternoon, the chances are that during lunchtime you will be signing in and collecting your gown and hat.

Be ready for any weather. Even though many ceremonies occur during the summer, it is the UK after all. Give a small and compact umbrella to your guests to hang on to for you.

After the big day many students remain in their university city for the summer, post-graduate study or because they have simply fallen in love with the place. Whatever your next move, Nest have a range of student properties to rent for this exciting new chapter in your life.

For now, though, throw that mortar board hat in the air with pride at what you have achieved. Congratulations on your graduation!