Top Tips for De-Cluttering your Property

Posted on May 21, 2018

Recent research from the British Heart Foundation has found that eight out of ten Brits are hoarders who struggle to throw things away. So, if your home is full of clutter, then you’re not alone – and now is a great time to declutter your home! Decluttering will not only help to improve your overall mood, but it will also make your home look much nicer.

So, if you’re ready to declutter your home, here are our top tips to help you.

Start with the Worst Area or Room

If there is a drawer that won’t close properly due to constantly overflowing, which has been getting on your nerves for a while, then start there! Use your irritation to motivate you to get the job done, and once the space is decluttered it will look much better and you will feel much better!

You can also apply this rule to any room in the house: if you feel stressed every time you walk into a messy kitchen, for example, then it could be best to start there. Get rid of everything that you don’t need, and once the room is tidy, make sure that it stays that way.

Keep a Charity Bag in your Home

Keep a charity bag in your home that you can use whenever you find something that you don’t need anymore. From books that you have read multiple times to clothes that no longer fit, it is likely that your house is filled with things that you no longer use – and it is better for the world to recycle items instead of just throwing them away.

Once the bag is full, make sure that you take it to the charity shop as soon as possible; if you delay, then it is likely that you will start questioning whether you made the right decision getting rid of the stuff and it may make its way back into an untidy pile!