Payment & Refund Policy

Booking Fees

When you book with Property by Nest, you are signing an agreement to live in the specified room, for the specified amount of time and for the specified amount.

The booking fee you pay will be deducted from a first rent payment or security deposit. Where your fee is allocated will be at the landlord’s discretion.


Rent can be paid in full before you move in, monthly or in some cases, each semester (in advance) by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. You will receive documents to sign, including full tenancy terms and conditions contract and to confirm your payment options after you confirm your requested room and tenancy. The tenancy terms and conditions, together with these booking details, set out the full agreement under which the property is rented.

For students, if you choose to pay monthly or each semester (if available) then you will need to nominate a UK-based guarantor. This does not necessarily apply to professional rents if a proof of income can be provided.

Cancellations & Refunds

There is a 48-hour cooling off period, where you can contact Property by Nest or the building management team to cancel your booking.

You may cancel your booking after the 48-hour cooling off period for any reason that falls under and if you can provide proof that:

  • You failed to get the results to attend that city and university you selected;
  • Your VISA was declined;
  • You have chosen to move to another university in a city where accommodation is yet to be provided.

Your booking fee and any advanced payments will be refunded to you in full if you cancel your booking as part of the outlined cancellation policy above.

In the unlikely event that a property is no longer available between the application being submitted and accepted by the property, w will find alternative accommodation options for you. If there is no suitable alternative, your booking fee will be refunded in full.

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