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B16 Studios is a contemporary student accommodation block located on Hagley Road in Birmingham. There is an on-site gym, cinema room and even a karaoke room. Each room has a fully fitted kitchenette, private ensuite bathroom and desk space so you can study and relax in comfort.

B16 Studios is a contemporary student accommodation block located on Hagley Road in Birmingham. There is an on-site gym, cinema room and even a karaoke room. Each room has a fully fitted kitchenette, private ensuite bathroom and desk space so you can study and relax in comfort.

About the property

100Mbps* WiFi
Onsite Maintenance
Post Collection
Contents Insurance Included*
Parking (Addtional Charge)
Cinema Room
Fitness Studio
Music Room
Communal TV
Bike Storage
Karaoke Room
Table Tennis
Table Football
Games Room
All Utility Bills Included
Distance from universities:

Onsite Maintenance
Bike Storage
High Speed Internet
All Bills Included
Games Area

B16 Studios is Birmingham’s boujee student accommodation, with plush furniture and chic decor. This modern, all-inclusive student accommodation contains a collection of studio rooms and many have stunning views across the city. Featuring a cosy double bed, desk area, storage space and an en suite bathroom, you’re guaranteed to feel right at home in B16 Studios.

About the property

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The Staffordshire Hoard – A Large Collection Of Anglo-Saxon Gold & Silver
Artefacts From Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, And Ancient Egypt
The World’s Largest Collection Of Pre-Raphaelite Art
Several Collections Of Local Art From Birmingham’s History
A Vast Assortment Of Ceramics, Sculptures, Paintings, And Jewellery

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Archival Collections

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Music Classes
Author Readings
Children’s Storytime Readings
Art-Making Community Events
Book Clubs

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