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The modern low-rise building is laid out over 4 floors with an open plan design, so that students can socialise and interact easily. All utilities are included within our tariff, with a dedicated leased line providing Superfast hi-speed Wi-Fi internet throughout the building FREE of charge. Security staff are on duty seven nights per week and all common areas are cleaned daily.

Apollo House is a low-rise building laid out over 4 floors with a stunning open plan design, allowing students to integrate easily. The accommodation itself has generous sized rooms, fitted out with stylish décor and utilities. This current academic year, our gorgeous premium rooms will also be available to book, designed with you in mind with top quality features.

About the property

Bike Storage
Communal Lounge
Communal TV
100Mbps* WiFi
Onsite Maintenance
Contents Insurance Included*
Pool Table
Games Room
All Utility Bills Included
Central Location
Communal Kitchen
Distance from universities:

Onsite Maintenance
Bike Storage
High Speed Internet
All Bills Included

Apartment space is split over four floors in our well situated, low-rise building. All utilities including gas, electric and water are included within your rent. We ensure that all safety measures are met, with CCTV installed throughout the building. Security staff are on duty seven nights a week and operate a secure key fob entry system.

About the property

Given Coventry’s student population, the city offers a variety of pubs and clubs. Many of these clubs also serve as music venues, offering live music on a frequent basis and a weekly “Student’s Night”.

The Empire

Wednesday is “Student’s Night” – or “Get Social Wednesday”, as it’s known – at The Empire. On Student’s Night, you’ll find plenty of inexpensive drinks, as well as a unique event.

Many of The Empire’s events centre around live music performed by cover bands or those that belong to the Alternative, Rock, and Pop genres. But, they regularly host comedy shows, and avant-garde performances. You can’t find these types of shows anywhere else in Coventry, making The Empire a wholly unique venue.

Quid’s Inn Pub

Friday is “Student’s Night” at Quid’s Inn Pub. But, no matter what day you go, the drinks and meals are very inexpensive and you will have access to pool, arcade games, and table football.

Even though Quid’s Inn Pub’s live music offerings are sporadic – just a few times per-month, primarily from Pop & R&B artists and groups – the low-prices and comfortable, relaxed atmosphere are great for relaxing and unwinding.

Castle Grounds

Every Monday night, Castle Grounds hosts a “Quiz Night” with cash prizes. This goes well with the week-long “Student Saver” menu, allowing you to enjoy some fun trivia and inexpensive drinks with your friends.

Every Thursday night is “Open Mic Night” at Castle Grounds. Just like “Quiz Night”, the “Student Saver” menu is at work, allowing you to enjoy inexpensive drinks, while also giving you the freedom to perform on stage.

The Kasbah Nightclub

Monday night is “Bubble Luv”. Friday night is “Kinky Friday”. Saturday night is “Tricky Disco”. These nights bring live music – Indie Rock and Dance Music, primarily – and inexpensive drinks.

Since The Kasbah Nightclub offers so many events, it is, quite possibly, Coventry’s most popular nightclub. For a quiet night, this isn’t the place to be. But, for some wonderful music and intense dancing, it’s perfect.

Coventry’s total size is 99 square-kilometres. You can, with relative ease, walk to most places within Coventry.

Sometimes, though, the weather may be less-than-ideal – Coventry receives an average of 700 millilitres of precipitation per year. When this is the case, you can:

Ride The Train
Take The City Bus
Drive A Car

Each one of these options is valid and convenient. But, for students who do not own a car, the first three transport options are most worth considering.

Riding The Train

Coventry’s train system is run by CrossCountry, West Midlands Railway, and Avanti West Coast. Each one of these Train Operating Companies operates out of Coventry’s four stations.

Riding the trains at Coventry Station allows you to reach a wide variety of places. Some of these places include:

Birmingham International
Birmingham New Street
London Euston
Leaming Street

The cost of a train ticket depends on your destination. But, for students between the ages of 16 and 25, who want to save money, you can purchase a 16-25 railcard. Doing so reduces the cost of train travel by ⅓.

Taking The City Bus

Run by the National Express, Coventry’s bus system is connected to every single key destination within the city. Some of these key destinations include:

Coventry City Centre
Coventry University
The University Hospital
Coventry Station
Arena Shopping Park
Whitmore Park
Leamington Park

For a single trip, you will be paying £2.20. But, as a student, you can purchase a monthly unlimited bus pass for just £31. Or, if you don’t mind paying more upfront, you can pay £125unds and acquire an unlimited bus pass for the entire term.

Cycling In Coventry

Cycling in Coventry is an absolute delight, as the city offers a variety of cycling routes. Some of these cycling routes include:

Allesley Park
Coombe Abbey Circular
Sowe Valley Ride
Alan Higgs To Brandon Marsh
War Memorial To Meriden

Outside of those routes, there are a number of traffic-free places to ride. These places, along with the cycling routes, layout of the city, and friendly drivers, make it easy to cycle in Coventry.

The city of Coventry is steeped in beauty, culture, and history. Some of the places where these qualities are most present can be found right below.

Coventry Cathedral

Just a 12-minute walk from Coventry Station, Coventry Cathedral is two cathedrals in one.

The first cathedral is the Church Of St. Michael. Built in 1918, the church was heavily damaged during World War 2, necessitating the need for repairs, many of which were finished in 1962.

Spaces and structures belonging to the Church Of St. Michael still remain, such as elegant interior walls and a Gothic spire. These exist alongside spaces and structures built after World War 2, serving as a clear illustration of the ways in which World War 2 transformed Coventry.

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

A vast, bright, open space, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is just that: an art gallery, as well as a museum. You can find, within the space, historic documents, archaeological artefacts, distinctive paintings, striking sculptures; along with many other delights.

Each one of these items illustrates both Coventry’s history and the artistic accomplishments of its residents. Great for students who are fascinated by art and history, as well as Coventry itself.

Coombe Abbey Country Park

Coombe Abbey Country Park is abundant with charms and delights. Some of these include:

A Beautiful Lake
Several Gardens
Blooming Bluebells
Baby Ducks
A Fishery

Each one of these attractions is free, making Coombe Abbey Country Park an inexpensive, yet delightful, adventure.

War Memorial Park

Between 1914 and 1918, 2,587 Coventry citizens perished fighting in World War 1. War Memorial Park is a tribute to those citizens.

To honour those Coventry citizens, War Memorial Park consists of:

Elegant Gardens
A Small Aviary
Manicured Lawns
The War Memorial Monument
Vast, Open Green Spaces

Every year, War Memorial Park is used to host the Godiva Festival and Caribbean Festival. Both festivals are very popular with students.

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