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About the property

Residents can enjoy:

Onsite Laundry
High Speed Internet
Bike Storage

A 7-minute walk from the University of Exeter – St Luke’s Campus, King Edward Studios provides everything a student could need. With a promising student life, Exeter has a lot to offer. Living at King Edward Studios would put you in a communal setting to find your amigos to explore the city. With a few COVID guidelines that ought to be followed, the accommodation at Exeter provides easy access to all its in-building communal areas without compromising privacy.

With premium-quality studio flats with en-suite bathrooms, private kitchens and study areas, tenets do not have to give their privacy up to conduct their daily activities. This student accommodation is very easy to each from the Exeter Airport.

About the property

The city of Exeter is home to the University of Exeter, and three colleges. Given this fact, the city offers numerous venues that cater to students.

The Old Firehouse

Out of all the venues in this list, The Old Firehouse is easily the most famous as, supposedly, J.K Rowling based the Harry Potter location “The Leaky Cauldron” on The Old Firehouse.

No one knows if that is actually true. But, what can be said with certainty is that The Old Firehouse offers a cosy old-world charm that goes well with their excellent drinks and delightful food.

Some of the drinks and dishes The Old Firehouse offers include:

Sea Salt Crisps
Aperol Spritz
Strongbow Cloudy Cider

Many students frequent The Old Firehouse on account of those qualities and offerings. To make things even nicer, though, every Monday night is “Quiz Night”, which comes with a 15% student discount.


Timepiece is composed of three floors. Each floor offers its own unique spaces. Some of these spaces include:

A Dance Floor – Several, In Fact
A Sports Bar Known As “The Hole In The Wall”
An Outdoor Patio
A Small Concert Hall

Every single one of these spaces offers a unique atmosphere and style. That way, if you would like to dance to some live music but, then, want to relax, you can do so within the same venue.

Some of the musical genres Timepiece is known for hosting performers from:

Electronic Dance Music
Indie Rock

Outside of live music, The Hole In The Wall offers 13 television sets, used to show sports events. On Wednesday night, every television is tuned to these events and discounts on food and drinks are offered.

The Terrace

The Terrace is very popular with Exeter’s students. And, it’s easy to see why, as they offer a stunning rooftop bar, several dancehalls and intense, energetic music.

For the best experience at The Terrace, you can go on Friday night. On Friday nights, “The Terrace” offers “Club Lounge Night”, which comes with a variety of perks. Some of these perks include:

Free Entry – If You Arrive Before 10PM
Discounted Drinks
Discounted Food
A Vibrant, Intense DJ Set

No matter when you visit The Terrace, though, you’re in for a fun experience.

The city of Exeter offers easy transportation for those who enjoy cycling, taking the bus, and riding the train. Outside of those options, you can, of course, walk or drive a car.

Cycling In Exeter

The city of Exeter is just over 47 square-kilometres. Given the city’s small size, and emphasis on cycle-friendly roads, you can cycle to any destination within the city, with remarkable ease.

To make your cycling experience easier, there are a number of cycling paths to be aware of. Some of the best cycling paths include:

Exe Estuary Trail
The Granite Way
Dawlish Dawdle
Chulmleigh Warmer
Sidmouth Circuit

Outside of those five cycling routes, the city is home to an abundance of cycling lanes. The omnipresence of these cycling lanes makes it easy to reach any point within the city.

Taking The Bus In Exeter

Stagecoach South West operates Exeter’s bus system. You can, by riding this system, reach any point within the city, from the early morning hours to the late hours of the night.

You can purchase a bus ticket by going onto a bus and paying with exact change. Or, alternatively, you can purchase a bus ticket online or though the Stagecoach Bus App.

Some figures to keep in mind are as follows:

Single Ride Ticket – £2.20
1-Day Ticket – £4.50 If Purchased On The Bus; £4.20 If Purchased Online/With App
7-Day Ticket – £16.50 When Purchased Online; £16.20 When Purchased With App
28-Day Ticket – £60.50

No matter the ticket you purchase, you will be able to reach any destination within Exeter.

Riding The Train In Exeter

Seven railway stations are housed within Exeter. You can use these stations to reach a variety of different towns and cities. Some of the most notable locations include:


The exact price of a train ticket depends on your destination and desired accommodation. No matter what you purchase, though, your experience will be convenient and pleasant.

The city of Exeter may be small, but it offers many places to explore and activities to enjoy. You will find three of the best places to explore, and a collection of activities to enjoy within those places, right below.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum was constructed in 1868. Just as the name alludes to, it was intended to serve as a memorial to Prince Albert, who was Queen Victoria’s husband.

Since opening in 1898, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum has undergone numerous renovations and extensions. The most recent of which took place from 2007 to 2011, which transformed nearly every facet of the space.

Right within the elaborate and ornate Gothic halls of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, you can find a wide variety of exhibits from as long ago as the 14th century. Some of these exhibits include:

Paintings From Thomas Gainsborough & John Nash
Japanese Samurai Armour
Mediaeval Building Fragments
Prehistoric Spear Heads & Hand Axes
Percy Sladen’s Cabinets

Every single one of the museum’s exhibits is completely free. You can simply wander into the museum and step into the exhibit you would like to enjoy.

Historic Quayside

The city of Exeter is very old and, as such, home to an abundance of historical attractions. Many of the most notable attractions can be found on the Historic Quayside, which sits right next to the River Exe.

Some of the most notable attractions housed along Exeter’s Historic Quayside include:

17th Century Exeter Ship Canal Structures
Antique Shops
The Gothic Cathedral

For many students, the act of wandering along the city’s Historic Quayside, enjoying the view and historic structures, serves as one of Exeter’s greatest delights.

Haldon Forest Park

Right within Exeter lies a series of different parks. Many of these parks are lovely in their own ways. But, the best park Exeter has to offer isn’t actually in the city.

Rather, Haldon Forest Park is to the South of Exeter. You can reach the park in 30-minutes by riding your bike and, if you’re so inclined, you can cycle through much of the park.

Sitting on an elevated ridge that divides the River Exe estuary and River Teign, Haldon Forest Park is a 3,500 hectare forest composed of pine and hardwood trees.

Right between these trees, you will find an assortment of hiking paths and cycling trails. Each one of these is easily accessible and puts you into contact with England’s natural beauty.

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