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A Bronze Studio measuring around 13m², ¾ fixed bed with under bed storage, kitchenette, en-suite shower room, study area, double wardrobe, TV and up to 100mbps WIFI throughout are some of the features of a luxury villa on the Greek island of Kos in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bedrooms for sale include studios with en-suite beds, study areas, a shower room, study area, wardrobe, double wardrobe, TV and up to 100mbps WIFI throughout.

A Gold Studio measuring around 18-19m², comes complete with a fixed bed with under bed storage, kitchenette, en-suite shower room, study area, double wardrobe, TV and up to 100mbps WIFI throughout. Please contact the property for Bed Size.

Platinum Studio is one of the most luxurious beds available on the market and comes with its own bathroom, study area, kitchenette, en-suite shower room, x2 double wardrobes, TV and up to 100mbps WIFI throughout. Platinum Studio measures around 21m², ¾ fixed bed with under bed storage, a full bathroom, dining area, living room with separate sitting area, bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and an outdoor balcony.

Platinum Plus Studio is a two-bedroom penthouse with its own gym, study area, kitchenette, en-suite shower room, x2 double wardrobes, TV and up to 100mbps WIFI throughout – available for dual occupancy. Platinum Plus Studio measures around 33m², ¾ fixed bed with under bed storage, full bathroom, living room with walk-in wardrobe, dining room with breakfast bar, bedroom with built-in fridge/freezer, toilet, shower and fold-out sofa – all fitted with top-of-the-range equipment.

About the property

100Mbps* WiFi
Outdoor Area
Onsite Maintenance
Laundry Room
Communal Lounge
TV in Every Bedroom
Bike Storage
Contents Insurance Included*
Pool Table
Table Tennis
Communal TV
All Utility Bills Included
Distance from universities:

Onsite Laundry
Onsite Gym
Onsite Maintenance
Bike Storage
High Speed Internet
All Bills Included

Nottingham’s Bowman House student accommodation is located within a short walk of Nottingham Trent University. The stylish student flats feature integrated kitchen appliances and a breakfast bar, so you can rustle up a meal for your mates in no time! Also included is 100Mbps WiFi, a TV, an en suite shower room, and a big comfy bed to sink into after a hard day of studying.

About the property

The city of Nottingham houses two universities. Given this fact, Nottingham offers numerous venues that cater to students. You will find three of the best venues right below.

Rock City

Out of all the venues in Nottingham, Rock City is one of the biggest. You can find, within Rock City, three dancefloors and six bars. Both spaces, when combined, can hold 2,000 people.

Every Wednesday night is “Tuned”, an event that comes with 2-4-1 drinks and intense, energetic dancing. Both of these facts ensure that the spaces Rock City offers are, if not completely at capacity, as close to it as they can possibly be.

Outside of drinking and dancing, Rock City also hosts live musical performances. Some of the genres they’re well-known for hosting include:

Rock N’ Roll
Punk Rock
Indie Rock
Alternative Rock

Many of these live performances cost considerably more than a ticket into Rock City. But, the prices are never too high, ensuring that you can still, with relative ease, catch a great show.

Rescue Rooms

Rescue Rooms is, technically, a pub. Really, though, it’s a club that just so happens to be contained within the space, and style, of a pub.

Every Tuesday night, at Rescue Rooms, is “Pressure Playlist”. You can, during this event, enter the venue freely, enjoy discounted drinks, and dance to a playlist curated by a guest DJ.

Outside of curated playlists, Rescue Rooms also hosts live music. Some of the genres they often host include:

Alternative Rock
Indie Pop
Hip Hop
Rock N’ Roll

To enjoy these performances, you will need to spend more than you would to enter the venue. By purchasing a ticket, though, you gain access to the entire venue.


Ocean is the only student-exclusive nightclub in Nottingham. Everyone who goes to Ocean is a student and, as such, this is a great place to connect with your fellow students.

Since Ocean is only open to students, the prices are inexpensive. But, this comes with a key point that is worth remembering: Ocean is only open on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wednesday night is Sports & Societies Night, run by Nottingham Trent Students’ Union. Friday night is Student Night, run by Nottingham University, where anything goes.

No matter when you visit Ocean, you’re in for some cheap drinks and fun dancing, all with your fellow students.

The city of Nottingham offers a plethora of easy transportation options. You will find several of these transportation options below.

Outside of the options listed, you can, of course, walk or drive. But, if you would prefer not to walk, and you don’t own a car, you have several other, equally enjoyable, options.

Cycling In Nottingham

Cycling in Nottingham is a delight, as the city offers numerous cycling lanes, cycling paths, and cycling routes. Some of the most notable cycling routes include:

Kings Clipstone To Sherwood Pines
Beeston To Attenborough Nature Reserve
Clumber Park’s Cycle Route
Cotgrave Canal’s Cycle Route
Erewash Valley Cycle Trail

No matter the lane, path, or route you take, you will be able to reach your destination in a safe, and convenient, manner.

Taking The Bus In Nottingham

The city of Nottingham offers an extensive bus system. You can use this bus system to reach any destination within the city, from the early hours of the morning to the late hours of the night.

To ride the buses within Nottingham, you must purchase a ticket. You can purchase a ticket by:

Paying In Cash, With Exact Change
Downloading The “NCTX Buses” App, And Paying With That
Paying With A Contactless Card

No matter which option you choose, the process of acquiring a bus ticket is easy. Right before purchasing a ticket, though, there are a few figures to be aware of:

Single-Trip Bus Ticket – £2.40
10 Trip Bus Ticket – £21.60
All-Day Ticket For NCT Buses Within Nottingham – £4.40
All-Day Ticket For Every Bus, Tram, And Train In Nottingham – £5.60
All-Day Ticket For NCT Buses Within Nottingham & Outer Area Zone – £6.50

For the easiest, most convenient experience possible, it’s worth purchasing an all-day ticket. Or, if you intend to ride the bus frequently, a 10 trip bus ticket.

Riding The Train In Nottingham

Right Within the city of Nottingham is Nottingham Station. You can, by going to Nottingham Station, reach many destinations. Some of these destinations include:


The cost of your ticket depends on where you are going and your desired accommodation. No matter what, though, you will reach your destination in a comfortable, and timely, manner.

A wide assortment of places worth visiting exist all throughout the city of Nottingham. You will find three of the best places below, as well as a description of the activities these places offer.

Nottingham Castle

Constructed nearly 1,000 years ago, Nottingham Castle serves as both the centre of the “Robin Hood” legend, and a tangible historical artefact.

You will find, within and surrounding Nottingham Castle, a number of attractions. Some of the most notable attractions include:

A Network Of Caves That Sit Underneath The Castle
Six Acres Of Outdoor Trails
Several Beautiful Gardens
Exhibits That Highlight The History Of Nottingham Castle
A Collection Of Art Made In Nottingham

Many of these exhibits can be enjoyed for £13. But, if you want to take a tour of the cave network, that will cost an extra £5.

For those who live in Nottingham, and have proof, the price is £10.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Attenborough Nature Reserve is 226 hectares. Every single one of these hectares contains a multitude of different nature reserves. These nature reserves serve as a home to a variety of species that you cannot find anywhere else in England. Some of these species include:

Purple Herons
Squacco Herons

Outside of the natural spaces and wildlife, the Attenborough Nature Reserve also offers:

A Cafe
A Gift Shop
Attenborough Nature Centre
A Visitor’s Centre

To access these attractions, you must pay a 3-pound parking donation. Right after doing so, you will have unlimited access to the Attenborough Nature Reserve, and all that it offers.

Nottingham Contemporary

Serving as Nottingham’s biggest contemporary art space, Nottingham Contemporary offers four art galleries. Each one of these art galleries houses many different pieces from a wide variety of different artists and styles.

Outside of the four art galleries found within the space, Nottingham Contemporary also offers:

A Study Centre
An Education Space
An Auditorium

Each one of these spaces, and the exhibits/experiences they offer, is free to enter and enjoy.

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