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A city of history, culture and discovery, Cambridge offers students a wealth of opportunity and entertainment.

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Find The Right Student Accommodation in Cambridge

Cambridge is regarded as one of the best places in the world for both living and studying. It’s a dream destination for students who are looking to pursue higher education.

That’s because it’s home to the world-renowned University of Cambridge, which makes it a hub for academic excellence and research.

The city also offers an abundance of social and recreational activities for students to help them make new contacts and friends. It also features gorgeous buildings, gardens, and attractive canals, making it a perfect destination for students to live and explore.

Cambridge offers a diverse selection of student accommodation options to fit the individual demands of each student. It means that you can find both affordable and luxurious accommodation options in the city to live comfortably away from home.

What Makes Cambridge a Great Area For Students to Stay In?

Student life in Cambridge is full of exciting opportunities and experiences. The city has a rich cultural heritage and it offers many museums and art galleries to learn new things. The city also has a lively social scene where you can enjoy everything from pub crawls to clubbing.

Another great feature of the city is that it’s home to several renowned live music venues that showcase both international and local talents. If you like sports, you’ll find tons of opportunities in the city to participate in different activities, such as football, rugby, rowing, and punting.

Cambridge is also popular for its stunning green spaces, including Midsummer Common, Parker’s Piece, and Jesus Green. These places provide a perfect spot where you can relax, exercise, or have a picnic with friends.

Additionally, the city also makes for a great place for food lovers. You can find a variety of restaurants, cafes, and street food markets offering delicious cuisine from all around the world. With so much to see and do, student life in Cambridge is never boring.

Educational Options

Cambridge is well-known for the excellent educational opportunities that it provides for students. As mentioned already, it is home to the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s oldest and most prominent universities.

It has over 100 departments and faculties and provides a diverse variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields.

Anglia Ruskin University is another renowned educational institution in the city’s centre. It provides courses in a variety of fields, including science and technology, business, and health and social care.

Both institutions also provide part-time and remote learning courses, as well as apprenticeships and professional development opportunities.

Job Opportunities

Cambridge boasts a strong economy and a great reputation for innovation, which attracts employers from all over the world. That’s why it offers diverse job opportunities in fields like finance, engineering, and healthcare sciences.

Graduates can find full-time employment in multinational corporations, startups, and research institutions. Part-time jobs are also available that you can perform during your studies, thanks to the thriving retail and hospitality sectors.

Accommodation Options

Many of the most popular student accommodations in Cambridge are located within walking distance of the city centre and university campuses, making them convenient options for students who want easy access to classes and amenities.

Some student accommodations in Cambridge offer shared living spaces, such as kitchens and common rooms, which can be a great way to meet new people and make friends while studying abroad.

Students should also consider their budget when choosing accommodation options. While some may prefer more luxurious apartments or flats, others may opt for more affordable dormitory-style housing or shared houses with roommates.

It’s important to research different neighbourhoods before choosing a place to live. Some areas may have better transportation links than others or offer more opportunities for socialising outside of class time.

Finally, experts recommend that students take advantage of any support services offered by their chosen accommodation provider. This might include on-site staff who can help with maintenance issues or provide advice on local resources like grocery stores and restaurants.

Nightlife in Cambridge

Cambridge’s nightlife is bright and lively, offering students several options to unwind after a hard day of studying. It offers countless pubs and bars that provide a pleasant ambiance as well as a diverse assortment of beverages and appetisers.

The Eagle, Pickerel Inn, and Regal are among the most popular choices among students. There are various nightclubs where you may dance the night away if you want a more energetic setting.

Most clubs in the city host themed events frequently, such as live music events and UV parties. But if you’re a music lover, you can find plenty of eclectic mix of venues in the city, showcasing different genres of music, from classical to jazz and everything in between.

The city also has several theatres and cinemas that offer different entertainment options like plays, musicals, film screenings, and comedy shows. Whatever your taste in entertainment, Cambridge’s nightlife has something to offer.

Cambridge Festivals

Cambridge hosts many exciting festivals throughout the year, including the Food Festival, the Folk Festival, and the Cambridge Film Festival. The city’s universities also organise community events like the Cambridge Science Festival and the Festival of Ideas.

These festivals provide students with a rich cultural experience and an opportunity to unwind and celebrate amidst the captivating ambiance of the city.

Participating in these events will allow you to make unforgettable memories with your friends and colleagues to make your student life memorable.

Excellent Neighbourhoods

There are multiple localities in Cambridge that students should prefer over others when it comes to accommodation. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones to choose from.

Cambridge City Centre

The Cambridge city centre makes for the most convenient place for students to stay in. That’s because of its close proximity to most of the educational institutions in the city.

Additionally, students will also find everything they need within easy reach, such as eateries, bars, restaurants, and shopping centres.

Hills Road

Hills Road is a bustling and diverse area where both students and working professionals live. If you prefer a vibrant atmosphere, you’ll love living in this area because of its lively ambiance.


Known for its friendly neighbourhood atmosphere, Petersfield is a popular choice among students. This area is also densely packed with parks, restaurants, bars, cafes, and open spaces, offering plenty of chances for outdoor entertainment and leisure.

De Freville Avenue

Over the years, De Freville Avenue has transformed into a lively and dynamic community. The neighbourhood features a mix of old and new accommodation options to choose from. If you enjoy dining out, shopping, and nightlife, you will find this is ideal.

Important Note: 

Other than the area, you should also consider other important factors while choosing an accommodation option.

The most important factors to consider include the type of accommodation, your budget, and amenities like a communal area, study room, CCTV security, bike storage, on-site laundry, and high-speed broadband.

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